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Explorez la Vallée du Mgoun et la Vallée des Roses d’une manière authentique et économique avec notre équipe de montagnards et nomades passionnés. Nous vous offrons une expérience de randonnée hors du commun à travers les pittoresques gorges de M’goun, avec des mules, des dromadaires ou tout simplement à pied.

Partez à la découverte de laVallée du Mgoun et la Vallée des Roses et laissez-vous porter par la beauté naturelle du Maroc !

The surroundings of Kasbah Assafar offer exceptional natural sites such as the Dades and Todgha gorges, as well as the lake of El Mansour Eddahbi dam, where visitors can admire breathtaking landscapes.


Explorez la Vallée des Roses et la Vallée du Mgoun

Explorez la Vallée du Mgoun et la Vallée des Roses d’une manière authentique et économique avec notre équipe de montagnards et nomades passionnés. Nous vous offrons une expérience de randonnée hors du commun à travers les pittoresques gorges de M’goun, avec des mules, des dromadaires ou tout simplement à pied.

vallee des roses


Aziz Boullouz

Our expert guide, Aziz Boullouz, knows the region like the back of his hand and will be able to adapt to your physical abilities and availability to offer you an unforgettable hike ranging from a few hours to several days. You will have the opportunity to discover new horizons far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and to meet the local Berbers.


Our commitments

We are also committed to supporting the local communities by promoting exchanges and employing local people. We can even provide special equipment such as tables and folding chairs so that you can have a comfortable and relaxing picnic.



Come discover the Valley of the Roses of Morocco as you have never seen it before with our team of hiking enthusiasts. Book now your unforgettable adventure in the M'goun Gorge at an affordable price!


Trek Valley of Roses 1 day, 1 night Kasbah Assafar

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 6 h walk
Level: 100 m
Length: 18 Km
Interest: 4/5
Tourist attraction: 1/5
Meal at the inhabitant's house at noon
Start from the Kasbah Assafar
Return by local vehicle, less than 30 mn
This excursion offers you to cover the whole valley of roses in a few hours of walking. During this walk without difficulties you will go up the Oued M'Goun where Kasbahs, small villages and gardens follow one another. Very little tourist, this valley offers to the walkers to enter the pastoral and agricultural life of the Berber populations which live along the river.
The rose of Damascus are the only species present here. This flower perfectly adapted to the climate and the hazards of the river gives off a striking perfume. Once harvested it is transformed into rose water which is famous and contributes to the wealth of the region.
But the valley of roses is also the cultivation of wheat and alfalfa, the abundance of vegetables in the gardens, the countless prickly pear trees, poplars that serve as timber and finally the thousands of flowers and butterflies.
It must be said that here the agricultural techniques are ancestral. No mechanization, the arm is the only tool. While the men are busy with the tasks of force as the maintenance of the irrigation channels, the ploughing of the grounds and the construction of the houses, the women collect the fruits of nature. It is also an agriculture without fertilizer which allows the populations, as well as the very rare walkers, to taste a healthy cuisine. The Berber populations always welcome the traveler around a mint tea or a good meal concocted with the fruits of the garden. It is a rare moment of exchanges and complicit glances that it is necessary to know how to take the time to appreciate.


Excursion Dades Gorge and Todgha 1 day, 1 night Kasbah Assafar

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1h walk at Dades, 2h walk at Todgha
Division: 100 m at Dades; 0 at Todgha
Length: 5 Km to the Dades 10 km to the Todgha
Interest: 3/5
Tourist frequentation: 4/5
Patented high mountain guide
Picnic at noon
Departure from the Kasbah Assafar by local vehicle, 1h to the Dades, then 1 h to the Todgha.
Return by local vehicle, 1h30.
Night and meal at the Kasbah Assafar
The Dades gorges are a Mecca of Moroccan tourism. This one, of a remarkable beauty and a dizzying height form a natural massif of the highest order. The proposed walk starts from the valley to gain then the superior edge of the gorges which you will skirt during the totality of the crossing. You will have a panoramic view on the wadi below during the whole trip.
At the beginning of the walk the luxuriant valley stretches along the river Dades. Fields of wheat and poplars take advantage of the permanent water to grow under the Moroccan sun. Then the gorges arrive. The pudding, heap of clay and pebble, reflects the ochre light on 200 m height. At the bottom the river tightens in its bed to become more tumultuous, playing with the obstacles. From your perch you will have all leisure to observe its meanders to fight against the crumbly rock.
Then you will leave for the gorges of Todgha. You will lunch a picnic in the middle of this oasis or thousands of date palms offer a halo of freshness. After lunch, a walk of about two hours is proposed. After this great day of discovery, you will enjoy the excellent cuisine of the kasbah Assafar to regain strength and leave more beautiful.

Hiking M'Goun gorges 1 day

Difficulty: medium-difficult
Duration: 9 h walk
Level difference: 200 m
Length: 20 Km
Interest: 4/5
Tourist traffic: 0/5
Hot meal
Start from Kasbah Assafar by local vehicle, 2h
Return by local vehicle, 2h
The route of this hike proposes to go up the M'Goun gorges and then return to the starting point. This long walk is done along the wadi of the northern slope of M'Goun. The biggest difficulty is that it is necessary to ford the river many times to change banks. Despite the length of this walk, it is one of the most magnificent walks of the massif, one of the most remote too.
These gorges are frequented by some shepherds going to get food and necessary care to the nearest village. Mounted on their horses, their donkeys or on foot, they constitute the rare human presence along this natural corridor.
Sometimes an isolated house welcomes the time of a transhumance a Berber family and its hundred sheep. Their tea is excellent and you will undoubtedly eat the local specialty, bread, honey, olive oil. This food rich in calories allows the travelers to fill up with sugar to leave again of more beautiful.
At the end of stroll, the throats tighten more and more to leave only one canyon with the gigantic walls which culminate in 3000 m. It only remains for you then to make half turn to observe the course carried out earlier under the light of the sun which declines on the ochre rock.


Rose Valley and Berber villages (6 days)

This itinerary does not present any great physical difficulty. It is also an opportunity to go with your children to discover the richness and cultural traditions of the Berbers of the Atlas and the south. Green valleys in an arid and dry landscape, Berber villages, magnificent Kasbahs, terraced gardens, forests of oleanders, fields of rose trees, walnut trees, fig trees, rivers, gorges.....
Ideal period: all year
Day 1 : Arrival at the kasbah assafar in the Heart of the Valley of Roses , night in Half board.
Day 2 : kasbah assafar | Ait youl | Tamglouna | Ighrem akdim : 5h walking.
Breakfast ,transfers by local transport to the valley of Dades has 25 km ,join the multiére team ,load the luggage and departure of our hike.<We leave the Dades valley through small gorges and oases of oleanders to cross the arid plateau of Tamglouna where shepherds spend the winter with their flocks in caves. Descent on the river M'goun that we follow until the village of ighram akdim. Night in an inn, or in tents.
Day 3 : Ighrem akdim | Agarzaga | Timtda : 6h walk.
We cross the village of ighram akdim and its kasbahs in order to take the gorges m'goun: very beautiful landscapes until the village of agarzaga. We take a little altitude in the afternoon to cross a forest of juniper which leads us to the oasis of Timtda. Night in bivouac.
Day 4 : Timtda | Gorges of oleanders | El hot : 6h walk .
We are at the foot of the M'goun massif with a view of its peaks at more than 4000m altitude. By the village of Almdoun, we cross again the Qati gorges and its forests of oleanders to arrive in the valley of El hot that we cross, a tea will be served in a Kasbah. Night in bivouac.
Day 5 : El hot | Ait Khiyar : 6 to 7h walk.
Our stage along the river M'goun offers grandiose landscapes; from one side to the other, the red earth slides ceent a sublime decor. Numerous Kasbahs perched on rocky peaks make the landscape even more spectacular. Without forgetting the greenery of the fields of alfalfa, roses, orchards of fig trees, walnut trees....Night at the Kasbah Assafar in Half board (guest house).
Day 6 : Breakfast and end of our service

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